Silicone Hose & Ducting

The SFS Manufacturing Group is a specialist mandrel-built hose manufacturer. Hoses can be manufactured in many different shapes, and the company supplies a wide range of industries including Automotive, Mass Transit, and Food & Pharmaceutical. The SFS Performance™ brand of hoses are used by some of the worlds’ leading motorsport teams as well as many supercar manufacturers.

SFS developed the world’s first and only robotic manufacturing cell for making silicone hoses.  This allows hoses to be produced faster, and with consistent quality.

Different compounds and reinforcing fabrics are available to suit different environments.  Polyester fabric reinforced hoses operate up to 180° C, Aramid fabric reinforced up to 220°C and glass cloth reinforced up to 300°C.

Specialist silicones compounds include:

  • Fluoro-silicone lined hoses for oil transfer
  • Food Quality silicone
  • Heat-stabilised silicone (250°C)
  • High temperature silicone (300°C)
  • Fire retardant silicone
  • Low smoke/low toxic silicone for use in Mass Transit applications

All compounds are mixed in house, ensuring complete control of materials.

Hoses can be manufactured with printed clip-location lines, timing marks, part numbers.

Typical markets:

  • Automotive
  • Motorsport
  • Aerospace
  • Mass-Transit
  • Bus & Truck
  • Industrial
  • Food &Pharmaceutical

Typical Hose uses:

  • Radiator hoses in coolant systems
  • Turbo and CAC hoses in charged air systems
  • Air Induction hoses
  • Breather hoses (for oil vapour)
  • Heating and ventilation hoses
  • Discharge hoses for fluids or powders
  • Vessel connectors
  • Negative pressure hoses for train toilet systems

Bespoke Hoses

SFS specialises in manufacturing hoses to customer specific requirements.  Construction and materials can be tailored to suit the application, and hoses can be supplied in many different shapes including multi-branched.  Timing marks and clamp lines can be printed for locating.

Standard Silicone Hose

Sizes from 6.5mm bore up to 204mm bore.  The range includes: elbows 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 135°, 180°; Straight Lengths (1m); Straight Reducers; Reducing Elbows 45°, 90°; Hump Hoses; Wire reinforced straights;T-Piece Hoses; Aluminium Joiners

Translucent Mandrel-Built Hose

Translucent hoses manufactured from FDA approved silicone.  Can be supplied with an internal wire helix for extra strength.  Smooth bore, smooth or convoluted outer. sizes from 25mm bore to 152mm.  Straights, Elbows, Reducers.

High-Temperature Silicone Ducting

High-Temperature (315°C) silicone ducting can be supplied in lengths up to 4m.  Bore sizes from 25mm up to 203mm.  Single ply or double ply. Can be supplied with cuffs to enable easy clamping. Fluoro-silicone lined lengths available for oil-vapour resistance

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