Silicone has a huge amount of uses in the electronics industry, covering areas such as electrical enclosure weather seals through to conductive LCD connectors.

Silicone in either solid or sponge form, provides excellent environmental seaing for electronic enclosures, particulalry ones that are being used outside. It is also used extensively in the RFI/EMI shielding industry, either doubling up as a seal and a substrate to hold knitted wire, or perhaps using specialist carbon or metal loaded compounds to make a conductive gasket.

Most keyboards use a flexible silicone keypad underneath the plastic keys, these often include conductive silicone pils to make the contact

Typical Uses:

  • Electronic enclosure seals
  • Exterior light seals
  • Display screen gaskets
  • Under-water light seals
  • Fiber-optic and LCD lighting enclosures
  • Keypads
  • LCD Zebra-connectors
  • Heat-sinks
  • Terminal Caps
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Silicone cable