Reinforced Tubing

SFS extruded reinforced tubing is suitable for transport of fluids and powders where pressures are high or there is pulsing of pressure. The standard colour is translucent, but other colours are availabale to minimum order. Reinforcing braid is either polyester or glass fibre (where higher operating temperatures are required)

Size Range:

  • 3.0mm ID x 3.0mm wall
  • 4.0mm ID x 3.0mm wall
  • 5.0mm ID x 3.0mm wall
  • 6.0mm ID x 3.0mm wall
  • 8.0mm ID x 3.5mm wall
  • 10.0mm ID x 3.5mm wall
  • 12.5mm ID x 3.5mm wall
  • 16.0mm ID x 5.0mm wall
  • 19.0mm ID x 5.5mm wall
  • 25.0mm ID x 6.0mm wall


Typical Uses:

  • Brewing
  • Food manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage manufacture
  • Drinking water supply in aricraft and locomotives


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