Mass Transit

Specialist products for when public safety is the priority.

Following the Kings Cross Fire Disaster it became apparent that the materials used in mass transit environments are paramount to public safety.

BS 6853 / NF 16-101/ ISO DIN  5510-2  Fire Tests for  railway components:

These standard have been extensively developed  to assist railway vehicle builders in interpreting guidance from the Safety Regulatory Authority. It firmly outlines the responsibilities of railway vehicle designers, builders and manufacturers, and encourages them to produce safer materials which release less toxic by-products in a fire situation

SFS has its own silicone compounds designed to meet these specifications and the new provisional EN ISO 45545  Harmonised European regulations.

The SFS Group manufactures a variety of products from these specialist compounds that are fire retardant and also low smoke / low toxic. These products go into locomotives, train carriages, underground carriages, trams, buses, coaches.

  • Locomotive engine hoses (radiator, turbo, air, breather).
  • Locomotive carriage hoses (negative pressure for toilet systems).
  • Extruded seals for panels & windows.
  • Fabricated gaskets for electronic equipment contained within the vehicle.
  • Specialist roof seals for sealing the locomotive roof panels.
  • Inflateable seals providing secure locomotive driver compartments.
  • Hose and Ducting for heating/cooling systems, and ventilation systems.
  • Bus and truck engine hoses (radiator, turbo, CAC, breather).