Discharge Hoses & Vessel Connectors

SFS manufactures translucent mandrel-built hoses and fabricated sleeves for use in the Food andf Pharmaceutical Industry. These are used to link vessels together, typically transporting fluids or powders.

Translucent Mandrel-Built Hose

Translucent hoses manufactured from FDA approved silicone.  Can be supplied with an internal wire helix for extra strength.  Smooth bore, smooth or convoluted outer. sizes from 25mm bore to 152mm.  Straights, Elbows, Reducers.

Vessel Connectors

SFS Vessel Connectors are laid up without the need for bespoke tooling.  This means that we can make virtually any diameter, with widths up to 1000mm.  The connectors can be supplied with or without raised cuffed ends that aid in clamping.  The sleeves can be circular or conical.  Typically they provide flexible connections between metal pipework.

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