A versatile product range for demanding environments

Silicone rubber is being used more and more in the Automotive Industry.  The call for faster, higher powered, more fuel efficient cars has led to underbonnet temperatures rising, thus creating requirements for high temperature elastomers.  Modern vehicles carry an array of sensors that need to operate at these elevated temperatures, and elasatomers are used for insulation and vibration damping of these.  A large proportion of our business is the manufacture of automotive hoses for cars, motorbikes, tractors, military vehicles, buses and trucks. The SFS Group also has a specialist division called SFS Performance ( that manufactures hoses for high-end motorsport teams in F1, WRC, Touring car, as well as Supercar manufacturers.  Many other SFS products are used for sealing of Automotive components, and we can supply reinforced calendered sheet for airbag manufacture.

  • Reinforced silicone hoses (radiator, turbo, air, induction, breather).
  • Parking sensor gaskets (cut from SFS silicone sponge sheet).
  • Brake ducting.
  • Headlight gaskets.
  • Wiring-Loom gaiters.