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New Product: Fire-retardant, low smoke/low toxic Silicone Sponge

April 13, 2017

SFS has developed a silicone sponge that meets the latest fire and smoke approvals.  Independent testing has verified that SFS products meet EN45545-2 and UL94-V0. The SP-RL grades of silicone sponge have been developed for the rail industry.  SP-RL silicone sponges have inherent advantages of non-cellular silicone.

  • Better Sealing
  • Lower closure force, enabling thinner and lighter substrates to be used
  • Reduced Weight

SP-RL can be extruded in specific shapes, with a smooth skinned surface.  The closed-cell sponge prevents the ingress of water and dust, and IP66 can be achieved.  Fabricated gaskets can be manufactured from the extruded profiles or cut from sheet.  Typical uses are:

  • Door and roof seals
  • Lighting Gaskets
  • HVAC Seals and Gaskets
  • Anti-vibration
  • Acoustic Dampening