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Silicone pads from SFS boost heat press reliability

June 7, 2013

Base pads produced by The SFS Manufacturing Group Ltd are made from the company’s specially formulated silicone sponge to provide longer operating life at the temperatures experienced in heat presses.

The pads are easy to fit, since they have a high temperature adhesive backing which ensures they remain firmly in position on the platen even at temperatures up to 220°C. The sponge compound has a heat stabiliser added to ensure long term resistance to degradation.

The silicone sponge has a uniform microcell structure which provides even heat and pressure distribution across the whole of the pad’s surface to ensure high quality transfer of the image onto the fabric or other material.

The LEV250® silicone sponge was specially developed by SFS to ensure a long lifetime for the pads, which can be required to operate at high temperatures for extended periods, often in the presence of steam in factory environments. Lower grade silicone sponge or other pad materials soon deteriorate under these conditions.

An extended post cure treatment produces low compression set levels for the sponge, which ensures uniform pressure throughout the lifetime of the pad.

The pads have radius corners and a fine fabric surface impression on the working face.  Standard thicknesses are 6mm, 10mm and 12mm, and other thicknesses can be manufactured. They are available in various sizes up to a maximum of 1000mm x 500mm and can be supplied in black, red iron oxide and grey, with other colours available to order.