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Official supplier to Drayson Racing Technologies

June 21, 2013

On June 25th Drayson Racing Technolgies will make an attempt for the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire.  It’s the latest challenge to be undertaken by the pioneering electric motorsport firm, which has been at the forefront of sustainable racing since 2007 and was first to sign up for the new FIA Formula E championship.

The attempt will be made in the sub-1000kg class by entrepreneur, racing driver and former UK science minister Lord Drayson who will drive a low-drag version of the Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le-Mans Prototype flat-out along Elvington’s 1.86-mile runway.

Lord Drayson will aim to better the current record of 175mph set by Battery Box General Electric in the United States and which has stood since 1974. This record has held firm for nearly 40 years due to the immense technical challenge of running an electric vehicle consistently and reliably at such speeds when weighing less than 1000kg.

As the official hose supplier to Drayson Racing Technolgies, SFS was asked to overcome the difficulties in producing hoses that could handle a new type of coolant, critical to the cooling of the high performance battery cells.  Needless to say, SFS overcame the challenge and the car is ready to attempt the world record.   SFS would like to wish all of the team good luck, and look forward to hearing that the world record is now in British hands.

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